mercoledì 8 agosto 2012


Yesterday Anna Piaggi is dead..yesterday the fashion world has lost a great woman!
She was a fashion journalist known as much for her iconic outfits as for her writing..I saw her the first time at Prada show and I asked immediately..who's that crazy woman?..unfortunately I didn't know her at that time and I didn't know how iconic,sweet and friendly that woman was.Then I met her often to the fashion events in Milan and I learned to appreciate the courage of this amazing woman..everytime she arrived to the fashion shows with her exuberant,eccentric and colourful looks..her pink,blue,orange hats,her red cheeks..everything in her outfits gave the idea of is boring?..ok put a green hat on your head and a red lipstick on your lips and you'll feel immediately much better..this seemed to be her 'motto'!And now that she is dead who can bring a lot of joy in gold but often dull world of fashion?
Arrivederci ANNA..and wear your hats also wherever you are now!

mirko xoxo

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