lunedì 31 dicembre 2012

Getting Ready For The New Era

Happy New Year's Eve friends!

2012 has been probably the best year of my life so much happened..I found my passions..started my blog..there is nothing more I could ask for.Now I'm ready for u 2013..thank u guys for following me..hope to see u in the new year with some great news..a new era is's time to getting ready for tonight..sparkling!

mirko xoxo

domenica 30 dicembre 2012

My Year In Pics

2013!Almost there..still I haven't got any plan for new year's eve..let's see what's gonna happen..can't wait!Enjoy some of my pics from this year..see u guys..Bisous!

domenica 23 dicembre 2012

All I Want For Christmas Is You

Hello people!
I have been in love with Christmas since I was young and this year I have finally got that present I always wanted..LOVE!After spending some beautiful days with my bf now I'm ready for my family reunion..a big marathon of gifts,food,sweetness and relax..DEAR SANTA this year I have not a wishlist cause you have brang the best present ever and I can't ask you more..just one thing..try to bring a big smile to all people who no longer believe in Love.
Merry Christmas everyone and Happy New Year..I'm sure 2013 is going to be a great year!

Love you
mirko xoxo

mercoledì 5 dicembre 2012

Winter Wonderland

Hola people!
I want to share with all of you guys this amazing video by Topshop,starring the beautiful actress Kate Bosworth..the video,named 'Winter Wonderland',is inspired by the famous piano scene with Michelle Pffeifer in the film 'The Famous Baker Boys'..Kate is wearing a Topshop sparkling dress that she designed in partnership with the brand..beside her Michael Polish is playing the piano..enjoy her amazing voice!

sabato 1 dicembre 2012

The New Era

Hello friends!
I love to spend my saturday time at home..watching tv and eating junk weekends is all about relax..I'm really into christmas mood at the moment and I'm looking for new fornitures for my christmas tree..this is year I'm so happy cause it's gonna be the best december ever!Anyway I'm going to post my christmas outfits very soon.Good news from Balenciaga..Alexander Wang,one of my favourite designers,is the new creative director of the french would certainly be a smart move..the young designer is supported by the press and Anna Wintour..I believe he has so much to give..can't wait to see his work..the new era is officially started!

venerdì 30 novembre 2012

Bikkembergs s/s 2013

Technology and sartorial details are my winner combination for next season..for this reason I'm really into bikkemebregs collection..I want to look like this man very strong and masculine but also sporty and chic in the same time..I like the use of transparencies,graphic floral patterns and oversized shapes..the use of colors is totally amazing:optical white,shiny orange,gray melange,mint green,electric blue and black..technical fabric..fluorescent sandals..I just couldn't resist to all this!

giovedì 29 novembre 2012

The Winner Is Cara

Hello boys and girls!
Such a long time since I wrote my last post..sorry..many thing happened..but now here we are!
Me and my love have spent a wonderful time in these days together..I'm so happy and lucky..our life is like a movie..the best one I ever seen.We are so excited for our first trip together in Milan next january for man fashion and fashion in the same time..can't imagine something better actually!But now is time to talk about my lovely Cara..she is named Model of the Year at the 2012 British Fashion Awards..such a great time for her career.Since the first time I saw her I thought she was not like the other top models..too tall and too far from the other human beings..this young girl with her nice faces has something more..she is not only the best one on the catwlak but in the real life!Cara was wearing a short shining green dress with gold clutch and silver wedges..she looked like a '90s teen pop star!

sabato 24 novembre 2012

Il Profumo Dell'Amore

Ciao ragazzi!
La vita mi ha sempre messo di fronte a tante difficoltà da affrontare.Molte persone che si limatano a giudicarmi dall'apparenza pensano che io abbia sempre avuto tutto molto facile nella mia purtroppo i bei vestiti,una bella casa,i soldi,una bella famiglia spesso non riescono a darti la felicità e la serenità di cui tu hai bisogno..a colmare il vuoto del tuo cuore.Sono sempre stato il ragazzo più irrequieto del persona forse più snob del pianeta sotto certi oggi voglio mettermi a nudo e raccontarvi della grande fortuna che credevo di avere trovato e che invece ha portato a farmi stare peggio di come io fossi mai stato.Incontri la persona giusta nel momento giusto..con lei provi a cambiare e ad aprirti d più,mostrando le tue insicurezze e fragilità..quelle che hai sempre detestato e tenuto nascoste per paura che gli altri potessero stancarsi di te e perchè nella mia vita ci sono sempre state persone che se ne sono andate..ogni volta m ritrovavo solo e senza nulla tra le mani..non ho mai avuto una persona che amasse per prima cosa i miei difetti..che andasse oltre l'immagine da stronzo che mi ero accuratamente costruito come scudo per preteggermi dal mondo..che vivesse per me..sognasse con me..piangesse con me..progettase un futuro con me..credevo di averla trovata..di aver trovato qualcuno che potesse entrare in quel giardino in cui nessuno era mai stato prima..qualcuno che potesse sentire il profumo del mio perchè ogni grande amore ha un profumo..e il nostro era dolcissimo e tenerissimo.Ma purtroppo anche questa volta rimango solo,cn tutti i nostri ricordi e quel profumo che sarà indelebile nel mio profumo dell'amore!

martedì 20 novembre 2012

Ultimate Scream

For the first time,resort collection video by Dsquared2 starring my lovely Cara..super sexy!

Into Margiela World

Hi everyone!
As you know guys last thursday was Margiela for H&M day..such a beautiful day!OMG the wake up was so,Gianluca and Andriy arrive at 7 to H&M,two hours before the store's opening at 9..we grab our number bracelets and start to take photos..I'm always a bit late in my life cause I hate waiting people for hours..but this time I was there waiting for something great..Margiela!When the doors open the crowd go inside the store..such a crazy time..people run and my friends have so much fun watching this fashion jungle..I've been a Margiela admirer ever since I knew it existed and this collection is so amazing..I love the fur coat,the leather bags,the black blazer with sparkling stripe,shoes and denim.After the crowded beginning,the atmosphere get more relaxed and we get the chance to try clothes on..time to strike the pose is started!

giovedì 15 novembre 2012

Grace Is The Beauty

I want to share the latest shooting of Misha Barton for Issue G of Twenty6 magazine..the photos are by Jen Carey and styled by Rachel Bakewell.Mischa looks like a young lady,a modern Jane Austen,in the beautiful Kent countryside..real beauty!

mercoledì 14 novembre 2012

Love Means Life

Hello guys!
Sorry if I'm not posting a lot this period but my life is a bit crazy at the moment!Everyday I have to face the life is not perfect and I have so many problems..but I have a big fortune..I have a person who everyday loves me..who makes me feel so love is the only one who really wants the better for me..sometimes I feel like a loser but everyday I see through his eyes the power of I don't wanna think I'm not strong enough but I wanna say I can do it..yes with him I can do everything..I can be happy finally!We r looking for a place where we can stay together everytime, where we can live together our life..even if I feel like home wherever I am with him..when we are together in my car talking about the future and our dreams or walking on the streets of Rome..wherever we are together I feel like home.My baby is the better person who I have ever met and I cannot imagine my life without him..cause is my love and love means life!

mirko xoxo

venerdì 9 novembre 2012

Everyone Wants To Be A Fashion Angel

Hello boys and girls!
Last saturday the Victoria's Secret show took place in every year the catwalk was full of angels..beautiful,sexy and hot angels who make me say: 'perfection is possible'..the fashion show featuring super models such as Adriana Lima,Miranda Kerr,Alessandra Ambrosio,Karli Kloss and Doutzen Kroes,presented the latest designed lingerie outfits during the performances of Justin Bieber,Bruno Mars and Rihanna.This season the most beautiful angel was lovely Cara..she was in a striped pink and white baby looks like a modern lolita and she was so happy to be there for the first time in her career.The show has been amazing and colourful as always..a fashion carnival full of wonderful girls..but Cara was the star who makes the sexiest brand in the world better than ever!

mirko xoxo

giovedì 8 novembre 2012

Style Feed: The World's Top Fashion Blogs

I want recommend to you guys this book..Style Feed: The World's Top Fashion Blogs by blogger Susie Fellow and William Oliver..enjoy it!

martedì 6 novembre 2012


Nicolas Ghesquière leaves his role as creative director of Balenciaga..since 1997 he has been the most intriguing and orignal designer of his generation..his work brang a new idea of woman..his creations with architectural and rigorous silhouettes,geometric and precise lines make his women shape,new volumes and embellishments make his collections avant garde and modern in a new way..purity is the word who better describes his style..the naked dresses and the biker city bag,which is still a best seller,are the best I want to post my favourite outfits from his colections..enjoy the pictures and try to think who will be the next!

mirko xoxo

sabato 3 novembre 2012


Hello people!
I have so many stuff to post..over these last few days I've been pretty busy working on my has a new layout finally!I've spent so much time with my love..I'm happy..more than happy.We escaped from the reality and had a wonderful relaxed time..I really needed it..this weekend is a mix of long walks,nice dinner and great movies..strolling around the city we talk about our dreams and projects for the future..I invinted a new recipe..we spent hours in our bed watching factory girl and zoolander,two of my favourite movies ever,making love,having fun and arguing together.I cut my hair today..get ready for a picture of my new hair..but now I just wanna watch another movie and enjoy my saturday..I hope you will do the same!

mirko xoxo

mercoledì 31 ottobre 2012


Hello guys!
As you know Kate Moss is my fashion icon..I've loved this girl since the first time I saw her!
A new book,launching in november,edited by ex-boyfriend and father of her daughter Jefferson Hack,will be a retrospective of her life,carreer,loves and secrets..the book will iclude also pictures from her personal achieves and the cover will come in eight different versions,each shot by leading photographers.

mirko xoxo

martedì 30 ottobre 2012


Finally my first halloween with my love..I went to the party dracula!I'm publishing this photo from Gianluca's camera..see you guys!

lunedì 29 ottobre 2012


Hello boys and girls!
Finally halloween is come..I'm so happy cause it's my favourite holiday actually!halloween is the time of escape,fantasy and elation..I love the idea of dressing up and becoming someone else,if just for one night..I'm looking for characters that I can fit into at the moment..but I'm not sure what to be this year yet..can't wait to ask my love 'trick or teat?'.
I've found some fashion halloween costume inspiration..cause we want to be cool in the night of fear!

mirko xoxo

giovedì 25 ottobre 2012


Hello guys!
Finally Maison Martin Margiela's full collection for H&M has been revealed..I think this collaboration is one of the better I've seen in a while..all the pieces are representative of the style of the house became famous for.The capsule collection will hit stores on november 15..can't wait.Here below there are my favourite pieces..on top of my list there is the nude body suit with a black bra..iconic and chic!