domenica 27 gennaio 2013

Coachella Style

Hello people!
Finally the Coachella's official 2013 lineup is been revealed on now we know which bands we are going to listen next April.But what do you wear at Coachella festival? Every year is so nice to see this fashion crowd been there, listening the Indie bands, having fun in the hotel pool, soaking up the desert fun and smoking cigarettes.Actress, models, guests and stylish musicians fit their best looks in the California's valley..vintage denim,leather boots,fedora hats and flower dresses are the main characters.So waiting for it I want to post some of the best styles and I hope you get inspiration for your festival wardrobes!

As you can see guys, Kate Moss is my favourite source of inspiration as her outfits we can be inspired for every look..rock,grundge,romantic and the sexy one..keep calm and start to be ready for Coachella!

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