lunedì 21 gennaio 2013

Life Is Cool In Milan

Hello people!
It's been quite a long time I disappeared, but been so busy with my life guys..Anyway here we are!
Last Week I've been in Milan for fashion week and I had a crazy time with my love and friends..Happy!During this fw I had taken a lot of cool photos with Gianluca's disposable camera that I want to share with all of you.

After waiting for a long time our plane in the airport, we finally arrive in Milan..It's fucking cold there..much more than Rome!We eat Mcdonald's fries and hamburger very fast and then we go to our room..Finally I can take a shower!I couldn't sleep cause I'm so excited to be in my lovely Milan so we go out for a walk around the city and later we go back to the hotel full of shopping bags..we go to bed very early cause next day we have to start our fashion adventure.We wake up, go online, take a long shower and then we have breackfast.Our first catwalk is waiting for us: Costume National!I really love Milan during fashion week cause it's fucking exciting to walk around downtown and seeing photographers and bloggers calling you for a's a good therapy for your mood..After Costume we go to Andrea Incontri show,near Porta Venezia..Our last show of the day is John Varvatos.Our first day is gone and we need some sleep for the second one.Goodnight!

As you know guys me and Gianluca are always late..We arrived few minutes before Vivienne Westwood show..OMG..I love this amazing woman and her work..the show is perfect..strong,young,cool,pop as always..Punks are all like a big carnival..a touch of color in the foggy Milan..I'm wearing my new green Ray Ban and Asos t shirt with Mickey Mouse..I feel damn cool!

Our last day is a bit crazy..we wake up late as always,we have breackfast and after spending one hour in the bathroom cause I don't know what to wear and packing our stuff we are finally ready..Dirk Bikkembergs show is super cool..sporty and chic!

Then we go to Porta Genova and take same cool photos on the iron bridge..I love this place,it's one of my favourite in the city..Canali is my last show of this fw.
Now it's time to come back home..such a great time but I miss my home.I love the stunning view from the plane.Milan see you soon!

mirko xoxo

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