domenica 7 aprile 2013

How To Get The Grunge Look

After Saint Laurent show last month in Paris we all said: grundge is finally back. Hedi Slimane with his collection for the maison symbol of French elegance has shocked the press and all people that believed the grunge was dead.
It was the 1991..the world was in love with Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love, the couple symbol of a new American movement. As all the subcultures even the grunge had its style code and the must have to get the grunge look was the flannel shirt. This trend come out of the Seattle thrift store culture and it accompained this music wave that swept the nation.This comfortable, soft weave of cotton was wore by all nineties teens and was perfect for the "I don't care" attitude. Here below some of the coolest outfits with this iconic piece.

Saint Laurent f/w 2013-2014
Saint Laurent f/w 2013-2014
Kurt Cobain
Adam Brody

Kirsten Dunst

Mary Kate Olsen and Nate Lowman

Mischa Barton

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