mercoledì 12 settembre 2012

Hey babies!
Hope everything is good..This week is so crazy for me,but also actually one of the better once so far!I'm really happy,even if I'm pretty exhausted.I spent all my time with my love and I try to do everything in the same I've done a casting for a music sunday I'm going to do a shooting for a magazine..and this week is my birthday as well..I'm going to be older..anyway I will be forever young don't worry..I'm so excited to spend my time with my close friends..I really need to have fun with them..strolling around the city and being a bit crazy.Fashion week is a bit boring this season unfortunately..I really love NY but I think there is nothing really interesting at the moment..lots of new designers but few new ideas..I really miss italian creativity..I can't wait to see the shows in Paris.See u in Rome for VFNO this thursday night..I hope to have fun with all of you guys!

peace,love and sex
mirko xoxo

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