domenica 2 settembre 2012


hello guys!

Today I have finally time to update my blog..I'm so busy this schedule is full actually!
During these days I spent my time with my love and now I feel so good..but September is just arrived and as you know it's full of events for me..I have a big mess in my life and I wanna try to keep everything under control starting to put order in my wardrobe..but it's a bit difficult..I have a lot of exciting projects coming up this fall..Right now I'm working for a shooting with my friend Andriy Mishchenko..we are going to do a big work together..I'm full of energy and ideas!
But now I wanna share with u my work as stylist I did few months ago with the fashion photographer Kevin Pineda..we took some street style shoots in the streets of Rome..A big thanks to Jill for helping us with hair and make up and my friend Giulia for supporting me!

more photos very soon!
mirko xoxo

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