venerdì 7 settembre 2012


hey everybody!
During these days I'm working so much,that I have not time for anything..but now I'm finally having relax in my apartment,doing my schedule is really crazy at the moment but now I wanna take a break and focus on my passions..and as you now fashion is my big one..I need to take a day off,so nice to have a long weekend actually.I want to have everyting in order in my bedroom and buy something new!how can I get energies?it's easy..if I watch the new Anna Dello Russo for HM video I feel immediately much better..she gives us the rules of fashion..the rules to be iconic as much as her..and I really love it.'Fashion is a declaration of your own freedom' absolutely true..with fashion you have the possibilty to escape in another worlds..u can live in a everything everywhere!
Don't miss ADR collection's for HM..It's available on October 4,2012.
And don't miss the lesson number 3:'fashion is always uncomfortable..if you feel comfortable,you'll never get the look'!

mirko xoxo

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