giovedì 29 novembre 2012

The Winner Is Cara

Hello boys and girls!
Such a long time since I wrote my last post..sorry..many thing happened..but now here we are!
Me and my love have spent a wonderful time in these days together..I'm so happy and lucky..our life is like a movie..the best one I ever seen.We are so excited for our first trip together in Milan next january for man fashion and fashion in the same time..can't imagine something better actually!But now is time to talk about my lovely Cara..she is named Model of the Year at the 2012 British Fashion Awards..such a great time for her career.Since the first time I saw her I thought she was not like the other top models..too tall and too far from the other human beings..this young girl with her nice faces has something more..she is not only the best one on the catwlak but in the real life!Cara was wearing a short shining green dress with gold clutch and silver wedges..she looked like a '90s teen pop star!

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