mercoledì 14 novembre 2012

Love Means Life

Hello guys!
Sorry if I'm not posting a lot this period but my life is a bit crazy at the moment!Everyday I have to face the life is not perfect and I have so many problems..but I have a big fortune..I have a person who everyday loves me..who makes me feel so love is the only one who really wants the better for me..sometimes I feel like a loser but everyday I see through his eyes the power of I don't wanna think I'm not strong enough but I wanna say I can do it..yes with him I can do everything..I can be happy finally!We r looking for a place where we can stay together everytime, where we can live together our life..even if I feel like home wherever I am with him..when we are together in my car talking about the future and our dreams or walking on the streets of Rome..wherever we are together I feel like home.My baby is the better person who I have ever met and I cannot imagine my life without him..cause is my love and love means life!

mirko xoxo

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